Wireless Mobi Solution, Inc.

Thermo Credit, LLC

25th July 2016

Wireless Mobi Solution, Inc. (WMS) is a privately held company founded in 2008. The Company’s original mission and role was to provide wireless expertise to our enterprise customers by developing wireless devices, software and infrastructure solutions, with a longer term goal of developing its own proprietary innovative technology, mobile devices and solutions.

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US companies announced the smartphone "Movi" with the projector to be released in the Android 7.0, start the reservation in November

Author: Let's go to see what never seen

21st July 2016

US wireless equipment maker Wireless Mobi Solution (WMS) has announced suddenly the high-spec smartphone "Movi Smartphone" with a projector that will be launched in the Android 7.0 Nougat. In the Android world it is obscure WMS, but in the company's official site has been introduced and was founded in 2008

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MOVI Is A Smartphone With A Built-in Projector

AH Android Headlines

Written By: Sam Nimmo

20th July 2016

Today’s smartphones are so powerful that people use them for just about everything. But the fact that they are pocket-sized does limit certain functions that would work better on a big screen, for example watching movies or gaming. MOVI, from WMS, is an upcoming smartphone that will turn your small screen into a big screen with its built-in projector.

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With Movi can project video from the smartphone.


20th July 2016

One of the smartphone problems that may have social repercussions is the screen that is still too small, at least to make the video experience or games to enable coexistence. The Movi, developed by WMS, seems to come to solve this problem by including root a projector that turns any flat surface potential television.

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MOVI is a Weird Smartphone with a Projector That You Can Pre-order… Half a Year From Now

Author: xdadevelopers

19th July 2016

If you are really into projectors, especially the portable-mobile kind, but don’t see yourself picking up the Moto Z with the Projector Mod when it releases because reasons, you’d be glad to know that you will have another option down the road.

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